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Brand Information: DalTile

Daltile's selection of items is available to both the private and public sectors, making them an excellent choice for architects and homeowners alike. They have porcelain, ceramic, stone, glass, metal, and manufactured tiles, coming in a variety of colors and types.Their porcelain tiles are available in neutral, natural tones; their Terrace and Franciscan series are similar to wood and stone, they also have more decorative tiles such as their Village Bend glazed porcelain which is beautifully painted.

For a wider variety of colors, the Athena Mosaics bring vibrancy to any room.Their beautiful glass and metal tile series will stun any guest with their clean finish and magical glint. With 19 series and hundreds of types to choose from, including eco-friendly fleck tiles, most needs can be met.Their stone slabs consisting of granite, limestone, marble, onyx, quartz, and travertine, are often cut into tiles to accommodate the needs of their clients. The impressive variety of stone they have at their disposal can be used to match any style and color, and their wide network of stone centers allows them to maintain one of the largest inventories in the world.

As one of the leading suppliers of tile to dealers nationwide, Daltile is reputed to be amongst the best of the best. Their friendly staff will assist you in reaching your goals, whatever they may be.

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