Transforming a Bathroom with Elegant Materials: A Stunning Renovation

We take great pride in providing top-notch materials to our clients, and we were thrilled to have contributed to a recent bathroom renovation project in Gloucester, MA. The finished result was nothing short of stunning, with our Happy Floors tiles covering the shower walls, and MSI white ceramic tiles adorning the bathroom floor. Additionally, the Brighton vanity with sleek and minimalist Cascade 5 PC Flat drawers added warmth and texture to the overall design.


Bathroom Vanity
One of the standout features of this bathroom renovation was the Brighton vanity with Cascade 5 PC Flat doors. This particular style of vanity offers plenty of storage space while maintaining a modern and cozy look. The door material chosen for the bathroom renovation was Quarter Sawn White Oak, a durable and high-quality wood that adds warmth and texture to any space. The Flagstone Standard Grade/Sheen color of the doors created a beautiful contrast against the white walls and flooring of the bathroom, making it a standout feature of the space.


Vanity: Brighton
Drawer Style: Cascade 5 Pc Flat
Door Material: Quarter Sawn White Oak
Door Color: Flagstone Standard Grade/Sheen
Hinge & Overlay: Fol Concealed Soft Close
Hardware: Blumotion Feug - Maple Box
Construction: All USA Plywood
Another key design element of the renovated bathroom was the shower walls, which were covered in Happy Floors Dolomite White Polished 24x48 tiles. These large-format tiles created a sleek and modern look, while their polished finish added an extra layer of elegance to the space. The neutral white color of the tiles made them a versatile choice, allowing the homeowner to accessorize the bathroom with any color scheme they desired.


The bathroom floor was also a focal point of the renovation, with MSI Essentials Charisma White Ceramic Tile 12x24 tiles covering the entire space. The large rectangular tiles created a clean and streamlined look, while their light color brightened up the room. Ceramic tile is a durable and low-maintenance option for bathroom flooring, making it a smart choice for any renovation project.


Shower Walls: Happy Floors
Dolomite White Polished 24x48
Bathroom Floor: MSI
Essentials Charisma White Ceramic Tile 12x24
Countertop And Shower Jambs:
3cm Quartz in Alleanza Bianco Fantastico
Shower Renovation in Gloucester, MA

 The bathroom was designed by: Jenifer Dunn Coen, Interior Designer - Instagram: @welldunnhd

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Transforming a Bathroom with Elegant Materials: A Stunning Renovation