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From cars to ketchup, we all have our favorite brands. Sometimes we choose the tried and true brands because we know and trust that the manufacturer won't disappoint. Sometimes we choose brands based on price, popularity or product quality. Regardless of how you choose your brands, we have something special for everyone at Fitzgerald Stone & More. Selecting your renovation items is an exciting time, that's why we provide a huge variety of beautiful, durable products from manufacturers located all over the world.

American Olean
American Olean (Lansdale, USA) - American tiles in Peabody, MA

As one of the premier suppliers of tile to distributors throughout North America, American Olean provides a wide variety of tiles to homeowners, business people, and stone and tile companies alike. They provide amongst the highest quality tile available, coming in a variety of styles, colors, materials, shapes and sizes. Buy American Olean extensive product line of ceramic and porcelain tile, glass mosaics and natural stone in Peabody tile showroom.

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Anatolia Tile
Anatolia Tile (Thornhill, Canada) - Canadian tiles in Peabody, MA

Anatolia Tile distributes a massive inventory of premium quality stone and tile products throughout Canada and the U.S. We are the largest distributor of Turkish ceramic tiles in North America. If you have been wondering where to buy Anatolia tile, Peabody tile store offers one of the best selections of Anatolia product lines available in Massachusetts area. Find the perfect Anatolia tile for your space today!

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Arley (Scranton, USA) - American tiles in Peabody, MA

Like a kid in a candy store, you will overcome by the delightful sights that Arley Wholesale has to offer. Thousands of scrumptious varieties are available, all dripping with color and oozing class and style. Look the best tile flooring or backsplash for your kitchen and/or bathroom? Visit our tile store with our wide Arley Wholesale tile selection and you will have best price for Arley tile in Peabody area.

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Atlas Concorde
Atlas Concorde (Via Canaletto, Italy) - Italian tiles in Peabody, MA

Atlas Concorde, a name that goes hand in hand with quality, elegance, and beauty in both Italy and all around the globe! Come to the experts and let our products bring out the natural beauty and class with any project you may have! Peabody Tile has a showroom designed to inspire your next project, and designers to help you bring them to life. Buy Atlas Concorde in our tiles and stone store in Peabody area.

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Casalgrande Padana
Casalgrande Padana (Casalgrande, Italy) - Italian tiles in Peabody, MA

Casalgrande Padana has been producing advanced ceramic materials for over 50 years: innovative and environment-friendly solutions for the creation of coatings, floors and coatings capable of responding to any creative and technological requirement of the world of architecture and design. You can buy Casalgrande Padana tile in Peabody tile store at the lowest prices from the manufacturer.

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Ceramica Colli
Ceramica Colli (Fiorano Modenese, Italy) - Italian tiles in Peabody, MA

Since 1969 CERAMICA COLLI is synonymous with product quality. Born in Fiorano Modenese, in the heart of the Sassuolo ceramic district; starting it first to a support production for third parties, and from 1982 to full cycle.

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Ceramica Magica
Ceramica Magica (Modena, Italy) - Italian tiles in Peabody, MA

Ceramica Magica prides itself on having the widest selection of floor tiles and styles anywhere. Location in Italy, the company deals with hundreds of fashion ideas at the right price. Customers can feel good knowing that their selection will fit their needs and trust their purchase will be a wise investment. In Peabody tile store you can buy Ceramica Magica with delivery in Massachusetts area and US.

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Ceramiche CampoGalliano
Ceramiche CampoGalliano (, Italy) - Italian tiles in Peabody, MA

Ceramiche CampoGalliano Tile Collections (2)Buy Ceramiche CampoGalliano at lowest prices
Colorker Ceramica
Colorker Ceramica (Alcora, Spain) - Spanish tiles in Peabody, MA

Colorker was founded in 1987 by a group of ceramic industry entrepreneurs sharing a common goal: to create ceramic products capable of evoking emotions. Years later, Colorker has evolved and expanded its vision, becoming the Colorker Group, a business group that is currently committed to staying at the forefront of creativity and technology. Reach out tile store in Peabody, Massachusetts to Buy Colorker Ceramica right now!

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DalTile (Dallas, USA) - American tiles in Peabody, MA

Daltile, founded in Dallas in 1947, is one of the premier tile and stone manufacturers in the United States. They provide a large portion of tiles used by companies throughout the country. They provide a variety of unique tiles and stone consisting of a number of materials and with a plethora of applications.

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Del Conca USA
Del Conca USA (Loudon, USA) - American tiles in Peabody, MA

Del Conca USA is one of the most modern production plants of porcelain stoneware in the world and produces “designed in Italy, made in USA” tiles. The American production site will also be used to store products manufactured in Italy, so that we can offer the same level of service for Made in Italy tiles as for those Made in the USA. Buy Del Conca tile in the tile & stone shop in Peabody area, Massachusetts state. Find quality tile online or in store.

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Edilcuoghi (Sassuolo (MO), Italy) - Italian tiles in Peabody, MA

This Italian-based company makes all of its ceramics and other products in house. They keep with the old traditions of the past and incorporate them for the present. What set them apart from other firms is their manufacturing plants—there are four of them and they have modern conveniences and have updated their showrooms to provide customers with the best experiences when they enter the facility.

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Elios Ceramica
Elios Ceramica (Solignano Nuovo, Italy) - Italian tiles in Peabody, MA

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Emil Ceramica
Emil Ceramica (Modena, Italy) - Italian tiles in Peabody, MA

The company, based in Italy, has roots as deep as the country itself. They pride themselves on being an innovator in the ceramics industry. They’re processes not only help customers realize their dreams of changing their flooring, but also help keep the environment solid. Their collections are diverse and will have benefits that consumers can take with them.

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Florida Tile
Florida Tile (Lexington, USA) - American tiles in Peabody, MA

With over fifty years in the tile business, Florida Tile is the company that others in the tile industry watch for the newest trends and technology. If you follow the leader they won’t lead you astray.

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Grespania (L`Alcora, Spain) - Spanish tiles in Peabody, MA

Being a worldwide innovator and distributor of ceramic, wood, glass stone and other types of tiles, the company has dedicated itself to providing these and other services to customers. What they do is match their voluminous stock to the needs of their shoppers. This means all sides are satisfied that they are getting what they want that fits their budget.

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Happy Floors
Happy Floors (Miami, USA) - American tiles in Peabody, MA

Happy Floors is a wholesale distributor of stone and tile to fit every person’s desires. If you are looking for modern designs, Happy Floors offers NeosTile’s Full Body Porcelain, a Hello Kitty collection for children, and metal, stone, and wood imitations. No matter your desires, Happy Floors caters to you

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Impronta Ceramiche
Impronta Ceramiche (Modena, Italy) - Italian tiles in Peabody, MA

Impronta Ceramiche manufacturers and distributes tile to commercial and retail entities all over the world. Manufactured in Rio and Rubiera, our tile is cutting-edge in design, technical attributes and quality.

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IRIS US (Fiorano Modenese (MO), Italy) - Italian tiles in Peabody, MA

Company has spent the last six decades building its empire by developing the finest collection of tiles in the world. With a collection of 2,500 pieces and some 50 collections, the organization prides itself of delivering the best selection of products. Their environmentally-friendly process gives them peace of mind and also a good neighbor. Their work has earned them many awards as well.

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La Fabbrica
La Fabbrica (Castel Bolognese, Italy) - Italian tiles in Peabody, MA

Presenting award winning, ceramic tile producer, La Fabbrica. Offering technology inspired cutting-edge design, world class service and luxurious stunning Italian tile. Put a piece of Italy in your next design plan.

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Mediterranea (Doral, USA) - American tiles in Peabody, MA

Mediterranea is a multi-national tile and design firm with Italian-based product innovation and a focus on the needs and requirements of the American home design marketplace.

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MS International, Inc.
MS International, Inc. (Orange, USA) - American tiles in Peabody, MA

Experience in the tile business has its benefits, being the leading distributer of natural stone in North America doesn’t hurt either. For MS International, second place is not an option.

MS International, Inc. Tile Collections (39)Buy MS International, Inc. at lowest prices
NovaBell (Roteglia, Italy) - Italian tiles in Peabody, MA

NovaBell Tile Collections (42)Buy NovaBell at lowest prices
Procida tile
Procida tile (New York, USA) - American tiles in Peabody, MA

Procida tile Tile Collections (37)Buy Procida tile at lowest prices
Ragno USA
Ragno USA (Sunnyvale, USA) - American tiles in Peabody, MA

Ragno USA specializes in the manufacture and distribution of domestically made porcelain tile. Offered in classic, natural and contemporary styles the details and designs mimic fine Italian tile minus the cost.

Ragno USA Tile Collections (28)Buy Ragno USA at lowest prices
Roca Tile
Roca Tile (Barcelona, Spain) - Spanish tiles in Peabody, MA

The unique designs in the Roca tile line are evocative of the stunning beauty found only in nature and its elements. Our spectacular tiles are crafted with superior quality workmanship and breathtaking style.

Roca Tile Tile Collections (45)Buy Roca Tile at lowest prices
Soho Tiles
Soho Tiles (Concord, Canada) - Canadian tiles in Peabody, MA

Soho Tiles is committed to supplying leading-edge products to designers, contractors, architects and retailers throughout Toronto, GTA, Canada and United states

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Unicom Starker
Unicom Starker (Modena, Italy) - Italian tiles in Peabody, MA

Our award winning company, Unicom Starker, manufactures high-quality ceramic tile in Italy and distributes to commercial and residential customers the world over. Known for our dedication to design our clientele depend on us to deliver only the best.

Unicom Starker Tile Collections (10)Buy Unicom Starker at lowest prices
Vallelunga (Nepi, Italy) - Italian tiles in Peabody, MA

Based in Italy, this company is the leading supplier of ceramic tiles and accessories. Born out of an idea from friends and family members dating back to the 1950s, they are now a 6,000 square-foot building with countless colors, styles and shapes to please the most discriminating customers. Located near Rome, they attempt to continue the traditions of the past pertaining to the architecture. Buy Ceramica Vallelunga today in Peabody tile stone store.

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Voguebay (San Leandro, USA) - American tiles in Peabody, MA

Voguebay Mosaic & Tile is a cutting-edge company intent on keeping up with modern designer and style trends in tile and mosaic art for the home. Every choice is a reflection of individual tastes and character, so find the right style to display in your home.

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